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A new approach to disability claims management

Dec 10, 2019

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

The 3sHealth Employee Benefits team is designing a new approach to disability claims management to better serve our plan members.

Earlier this year, Employee Benefits held a visioning day to explore process improvements. Stakeholder participants outlined what currently works well, identified what industry best practice is, and determined a future shared vision of what the disability claim process could be. That vision is “to work collaboratively with beneficiaries on their path to health.”

The Employee Benefit Plans Board of Trustees approved a three-year project plan to make this shared vision a reality. The project includes:

  • Adding mental health and rehabilitation resources to the 3sHealth team to support decision-making;
  • Investing in technology to process claims more efficiently;
  • Simplifying the disability claim forms for a more streamlined plan member experience; and
  • Communicating with plan members in a better and more frequent way throughout the disability claim process to ensure people have all of their questions answered.
Currently, 3sHealth is working on improvements to the case management plan to ensure plan members have continuous support from the start of their claim through to their return to work.
Make sure to read the story “Initial expectations call provides support to plan members” to learn about one new service that has come about because of this three-year project plan.
3sHealth welcomes feedback from plan members on their experience applying for and receiving disability benefits. Please submit feedback by emailing or by filling out the customer survey


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