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Developing new skills to provide plan members with the best service possible: Path to Health

Oct 28, 2020

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

To better serve its health-care employee benefit plan members, the 3sHealth Claims Services team has been developing new skills.

Continuously learning and improving, and becoming better at what we do, is what plan members deserve.

Kathryn Sandstra, 3sHealth’s Claims Services Manager.

As a part of the larger Employee Benefits department, the Claims Services team works with plan members on both short-term and long-term disability claims.

The focus on training comes from the Employee Benefit Plans’ Path to Health disability claims management redesign. The first year of the Path to Health program was focused on a new and improved approach to disability claims management for plan members. Learn about the improvements that came from year one here. 

“Implementing that many improvements that quickly is very beneficial to our plan members, but it’s important to both plan members and employees that the 3sHealth team is supported and learns to thrive among the changes. Learning and change are synonymous” says Paula Koch, 3sHealth’s Change Specialist who has been working with the Claims Services team on their training.  

One of the many areas of focus of Path to Health in this second year has been to develop these skills.

“The team had input into what they wanted to learn. After all, they would know best what plan members need from them, since they work with them every day. The team knew what they wanted to focus on to provide excellent service.” 

The majority of the sessions leverage in-house experience found in other 3sHealth departments.

So far, the focus of the sessions revolve around: 

  • Documentation skills;
  • Time management; 
  • Communications skills for client-centered support; 
  • Cultural sensitivity and Indigenous awareness;
  • Business writing; 
  • Addictions education; and
  • Understanding grief.

“Continuously learning and improving, and becoming better at what we do, is what plan members deserve,” says Kathryn Sandstra, 3sHealth’s Claims Services Manager.

The team finds that their training is helping them adapt to the significant changes COVID-19 has brought to their work and to their plan members’ lives. Despite the extra challenges of the new pandemic normal, Koch says that “the team is resilient and very open to learning.” One team member noted that “the sessions have confirmed for me what my strengths and weaknesses are in my day-to-day work tasks and have given me new strategies on how to improve,” and another explained that “I appreciate the opportunity to participate in a variety of continuous learning sessions which allow me to enhance my knowledge and further develop my skills, supporting the entire team on our journey of Path to Health and caring for the caregiver.” 

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