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‘I am most grateful’: a disability income claimant shares her story

Everyone gets sick from time to time. Injuries, too, can strike without notice. Some health conditions are minor, while others are much more significant. On occasion, debilitating health conditions prevent otherwise healthy people from being able to work at all.

That’s why 3sHealth, in conjunction with our system partners, administers the Disability Income Plan for employees of the Saskatchewan health-care system. The plan provides those who meet its criteria with necessary income support. We also work with claimants to help them get better and to return to work, if at all possible.

One claimant with 34 years of experience in health care has been off work for two years due to a persistent injury that later resulted in a total knee replacement. The claimant says the support she has received from 3sHealth has made a world of difference in her life.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to 3sHealth for helping me through this difficult and stressful journey. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me over the last two years.

“I have struggled with this knee for a long time and just want to get my life back and get back to work. To help me get there, you all showed care and concern. You recognized my efforts to get better and took into account extenuating circumstances in my case. Your efforts will now provide me with income until December 2018. For this I am most grateful!”

For this claimant, the road back to full health has not been an easy one.

“I’ve seen physiotherapists weekly since my surgery. I’ve done laser treatments, acupuncture, reflexology, dry needling, pressure point therapy, and aquasize classes for knee and hip replacement patients.”

She says that while she will not be able to make a full recovery, the therapies she has pursued have dramatically improved her health. In fact, she expects to return to full-time work soon.

“This has been very emotional journey for me and my family. So to know that there are people who will help and listen, and suggest approaches and avenues to help me move ahead made me feel very supported and really reduced my stress. I didn't feel like I was just another name on a piece of paper.

“Every day I believe we have the opportunity to approach our day and make a difference in someone else's life and possibly make it better. I want you all to know that you have done this for me. Thank you again to 3sHealth for caring and going the extra mile! I look forward to a more normal life now and I’m excited to have my life back!”

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