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Important patient information just a click away for Saskatchewan providers

May 23, 2019


Saskatchewan physicians such as Dr. Mark Brown (pictured here) can now use new technologies to generate care reports on their patients and quickly add those reports to the provincial Electronic Health Record Viewer (eHR Viewer).

Saskatchewan health-care providers now have a more complete picture of their patient’s health thanks to the collaborative efforts of 3sHealth, eHealth Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Since 2016, our organizations have been working to add transcribed medical reports from Saskatchewan health-care facilities into the provincial Electronic Health Record Viewer (eHR Viewer)—a secure website containing patient health information.

We are pleased to announce that our work on this province-wide project officially wrapped up in May 2019. Now, all Saskatchewan health-care providers with access to the eHR Viewer can quickly and easily view their patients’ transcribed reports and documents from most hospitals and health-care facilities in the province. Those documents include consultations, history and physical information, diagnostic reports, operative and procedure reports, inpatient progress notes, outpatient reports, and discharge summaries.

Since 2011, the eHR Viewer has given authorized health-care providers electronic access to patient information such as lab results, immunizations, prescription history, medical imaging reports, clinical documents and hospital visits. Now, providers can also use it to access transcribed reports and documents. As a result, this important health information follows patients wherever they need care or treatment in Saskatchewan.

Before transcribed reports were standardized and made available in the eHR Viewer, health-care providers could not easily access the transcribed reports completed in another health-care facility. Providers would have to contact the facilities where the reports originated and request to have the reports faxed over. Thanks to the work of our organizations to add transcribed information into the eHR Viewer, health-care providers, like Chantal Ansell, spend less time requesting information and have more time for patient care.

“I can now use the eHR Viewer to access my patients’ transcribed reports, such as hospital discharge summaries, which saves me valuable time because I no longer have to request patient reports and wait for them to arrive,” said Chantal Ansell, MD in Saskatoon. “Having easily accessible, reliable, and legible patient information available at my fingertips allows me to spend more time with my patients and directly improves overall patient care.”

When health-care teams across Saskatchewan can access crucial health information anytime and from anywhere in the province, patients receive faster, safer, and better-quality care. More than 9,600 health-care providers have access to the eHR Viewer, including physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, and our health system is working to grow that number every day. As that number grows, so too does the number of patients who benefit from better care. eHealth estimates that, currently, more than 240,000 people benefit from the eHR Viewer every month. As more information becomes available in the eHR Viewer, it means patients will spend less time waiting for high-quality follow-up care and can get back to doing what they love most.

Both the eHR Viewer and the provincial dictation and transcription service have privacy protections in place so that only those who need to know a patient’s information are allowed to access it.

3sHealth, eHealth Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority will continue to work together to expand and improve the important health information available to providers in the eHR Viewer.


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