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Improving health-care employee apparel: Easy-to-wear, quicker-drying isolation gowns introduced

Sep 24, 2019

Categories: Linen Services, News

Improved isolation gowns have been introduced for Saskatchewan health-care employees.

The new style of gowns include two major improvements over the previous version: the cuffs dry quicker and the ties are positioned on the side rather than the back, making the gowns easier to put on and take off.

Health-care employees wear isolation gowns to protect themselves and patients from the spread of infection. Isolation gowns are important primarily in the case where a unit or a facility experiences an outbreak. Caregivers wear these gowns and change out after visiting each patient. In this way, the gowns prevent the spread of infection or disease from one room to the next.

Employees can expect to use both versions as the old gowns are phased out.

Just like the former gown, the new ones will be available in the same sizes and will contain the same breathable material and level two protection (blood and bodily fluid repellency).

The new gowns are an improvement provided by MIP, the same supplier who provided the former gowns under the K-Bro contract.
“MIP is proud to provide this new and improved product to Saskatchewan health-care employees,” says Guy Woods, a sales consultant at MIP. “The new gowns will make employees’ lives easier while continuing to provide the level of safety that patients and their families expect."
One constant of the old and new gown is that both are reusable and environmentally friendly. This feature means that the reusable gown’s price per use is lower than the disposable version’s, resulting in cost savings for the health system. The reusable gowns can be worn and washed up to 150 times while a disposable gown goes to the landfill after being worn once, incurring waste management costs on top of the initial purchase price.


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