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Improving your financial wellness as a health-care employee

Oct 29, 2019

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

Getting a handle on how best to manage personal and family finances can be difficult at the best of times. Financial issues can lead to stress and other health-related problems. One way to improve physical and mental health is to improve financial wellness, and there are many services available to health-care employees to do just that.

Support that is here for you

For example, employees and their eligible dependent family members have access to financial support services through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Plan members can find support through confidential online, telephonic, or in-person consultations to help with common aspects of financial planning, including credit and debt management, budgeting, bankruptcy, real estate, retirement planning, financial emergencies, and more.

Get started on your path to financial and overall health by accessing your EFAP services.

It’s never too early to plan ahead

Planning for retirement ensures a stable standard of living to enjoy activities and to stay healthy.

Many permanent health-care employees contribute to the Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees’ Pension Plan (SHEPP), the largest defined benefit pension plan in Saskatchewan. SHEPP provides lifetime retirement income to its members, serving the majority of health-care employees in the province. For complete details regarding your SHEPP benefit feel free to go online or contact SHEPP at 1-866-394-4440.

Depending on their position, health-care employees in Saskatchewan may be contributing to an alternate pension. Contact your pension plan administrator or visit their website to gain helpful information about your retirement:

An important part of your path to health
Well-ordered finances, a budget, saving up a rainy day fund, and professional financial advice reduce stress, help people and families meet their needs and achieve their goals, offer a sense of security, and improve overall mental and physical health.
To access additional financial security resources as well as many other helpful tools to improve health and wellness, click here.


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