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Caring for the caregiver’s family: New benefits information focuses on surviving spouses, dependents

Sep 30, 2019

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

Benefits information is now available online to support the family members of deceased health-care system employees.

The employee benefit plans provide extended health care and/or dental coverage to surviving spouses and children for up to two years following the death of a plan member.

The new online commentary booklets are documents that provide general information about the plan. The booklets help family members who continue to receive “survivor” benefits.

“Survivor benefits have always been available, but a lot of people didn’t know what coverage they had, or weren’t sure how to access their benefits,” says Benefit Services Manager Lorne Shiplack. “So we created these new booklets specifically for people in those situations to address that gap.”

The commentary booklets describe the benefits available to spouses and dependent children. They also include instructions on how to submit claims.

“It’s crucial that information be clear and easy to find, especially in a situation where you’ve lost a loved one,” Shiplack said.

The commentary booklets for survivor benefits are available here. Search under “commentary” to find the applicable document.

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