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New fitted slider sheets make it safer and easier to move patients

Jan 22, 2019

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Patients in hospitals often need to be moved while receiving care. Sometimes it’s to prevent bedsores. Other times patients must be moved from one bed to another. For staff, being able to transfer, lift and re-position patients in a safe and supportive manner – no matter the clinical reason – is important to delivering high-quality patient care.

The provincial linen service has introduced a new product, known as fitted slider sheets, to sites all across the province. The sheets make it much easier and safer to move patients in and out of beds.

“The new fitted slider sheets help minimize the likelihood of wrist and back injuries for health-care providers and they ensure patients are moved in the safest way possible,” said Jim Crawford, Director of Provincial Linen Services. “Not all patients require the use of fitted slider sheets. However, the product is now widely available if required, which is better for patients and should help prevent injuries to staff.”

The new fitted slider sheet (image credit:

Prior to transitioning to the provincial service, most health-care facilities used two flat re-positioning sheets to transfer, lift, and re-position patients. While the technique was somewhat effective, it wasn’t the safest or easiest for patients or providers. Only a few facilities used a better approach, in which one flat slider sheet and one fitted slider sheet are used together for smoother, effective transfers.

“The problem was that only a handful of sites had access to the fitted slider sheet,” said Crawford. “It was basically a question of supply. The service didn’t maintain enough inventory of the fitted slider sheets because the items were a specialty linen product as opposed to a standard linen product.”

But news of the better, safer technique in which both sheet types are used, started to spread through the SHA’s provincial network of Transfer, Lift, and Re-positioning (TLR) groups.

“It was exciting to see best practice knowledge take off like it did,” Crawford said. “As more sites became interested in the product, we approached the provincial linen advisory committee to ask if the sheets could become part of our standard linens. The committee voted in favour of that change earlier this year. We are now rolling out the new fitted slider sheets to sites all across the province.”

This is yet another great example of how working together as one health system to share ideas and implement best practices is creating a better care experience.

In recent months, K-Bro has been increasing their inventory of fitted slider sheets and have begun offering the product to sites that weren’t originally receiving it. As more fitted slider sheets make their way into the system, sites are training staff on how to use the product most effectively. Many sites are also receiving on-site training and support directly from the vendor.

Any facility that is part of the provincial linen service may request fitted slider sheets by contacting 3sHealth or a customer service representative at K-Bro.

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