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Path to Health grand prize winners announced

Sep 17, 2019

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

The Path to Health contest – during which health-care employees focused on making small changes to their daily routine to improve their health, such as going for a walk, eating a salad, or getting a good night’s sleep – has concluded.

3sHealth is excited to announce the winners of 11 grand prize draws:

  • Jeanette Kaytor – Bowflex M5 Max Trainer;
  • Connie Comrie – Spirit Fitness Treadmill XT285;
  • Lucia New – Nautilus R616 recumbent bike;
  • Bev Ward – $1000 Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa card;
  • Catherine Hurtig – $1000 Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa card;
  • Karen Wagner – $500 Sport Chek gift card;
  • Colleen Fox – $500 Sport Chek gift card;
  • Glenda Cross – $500 Co-op gift card;
  • Britney Moore – $500 Co-op gift card;
  • Janet Cleggett – Vitamix blender; and
  • Shaylin Eger – Vitamix blender.
Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and walked their own path to health.
From the beginning of the contest in June until its end in September, there were over 8,000 entries, and two prize packages were awarded every week. Congratulations to the following participants who won a Fitbit Charge wireless activity wristband, a $25 Co-op gift card, and a Path to Health T-shirt:
  • Week 1 – Marlene Stimson and Katelyn Forsythe;
  • Week 2 – Ashley Healey and Rebecca Flynn;
  • Week 3 – Jocelyn Trask and Irene Berns;
  • Week 4 – Jen Morrison and Cathy Phillips;
  • Week 5 – Margarita Sysing and Roberta Tebay;
  • Week 6 – Elizabeth Hofstra and Tara Neuberger;
  • Week 7 – Paula Popick and Margaret Lewis;
  • Week 8 – Lynn Claypool and Emily Szaroz;
  • Week 9 – Paula Lehto and Teresa Smith;
  • Week 10 – Lourdes Paraiso and Betty Ann Erickson;
  • Week 11 – Levelita Briones and Deanna Vilagos; and
  • Week 12 – Lois Sonnega and Douglas DeWeert.
The goal of the Path to Health contest was to help build easy and healthy habits that can make a big difference in our mental and physical health. Even though the contest is complete, we encourage you to continue on your path to health.
Please note that contest entry was limited to health system employees only. Spouses and dependents were welcome to join us on our wellness journey, but they were not eligible for entry into the weekly or grand prize draws. The prizes for the Path to Health contest are paid for through a marketing fund set up by Great-West Life in 2014.


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