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Plan members no longer have to pay for dependent life insurance

Aug 21, 2018

Categories: Employee Benefits, News


Starting on September 1, 2018, dependent life insurance coverage will now be provided under basic life insurance for all plan members. Plan members will no longer need to opt in and pay for dependent life insurance coverage. All eligible plan members who have basic life insurance will automatically have dependent life insurance too.

The enhancement comes at no additional cost to plan members or health system employers.

Prior to September 1, 2018, plan members had to elect and pay for dependent life insurance coverage. The premium for dependent life insurance was $3.48 per month.

Now that dependent life insurance coverage is included with basic life insurance, plan members who used to have to pay for this benefit will save $41.76 each year.

Plan members who don’t have a spouse and/or any dependent child(ren) on September 1, 2018 will still qualify for dependent life insurance coverage in the event they gain a spouse or have a child in the future.

Dependent life insurance provides plan members with coverage in the event of the death of a spouse and/or eligible dependent children ($10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for each eligible dependent child). The dependent child coverage also includes pre-natal coverage for stillbirths following 20 weeks of gestation.

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