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Premature babies supported by new, made-to-measure linen product

Oct 28, 2020

Categories: Linen Services, News

Babies born prematurely will be kept warm and comfortable in sleepers designed specifically for their unique situation.

Delivery wards and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert now have access to made-to-measure neonatal sleepers for premature babies. These sleepers, used to swaddle newborns, are x-small in size. The product will be available as a standard linen item for the units taking care of “preemies,” as premature babies are affectionately known.

Previously, health-care employees working with preemies faced a two-fold challenge. Firstly, other infant sleepers were too big for preemies. Secondly, any sleepers the units may have had for preemies were donated items. The health-care system and K-Bro Linen Systems classifies and handles these items as specialty linens, meaning that they take longer to wash and are not always consistently available.

The new standardized product solves these issues, improving the supply of the sleeper to units and to preemies. The new sleepers for preemies are easily identifiable because of their mint green collar. 

“We appreciate the handmade sleepers citizens donated,” says 3sHealth’s Director of Provincial Linen Services Jennifer Fetch. “In consultation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s employees and with K-Bro, we realized that we need to standardize the product to ensure that preemies always have the sleeper they need.”

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