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Rehabilitation services help employees bounce back from illness or injury

Feb 27, 2019

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

Rehabilitation includes services designed to build a circle of care around our plan members with existing disabilities or those who have recently acquired an injury or illness. It is an additional support to help people return to a state of wellness which, in turn, leads to productive employment. The disability income plans provide a number of rehabilitation services including:

  • Work re-orientation programs – these let the employee gradually return to the workplace while continuing to collect disability benefits. This may involve the employee working a reduced number of hours, and/or light or modified work duties.
  • Integrated earnings programs – these let the employee return to work on a part-time basis or take on a less demanding job. The plan “tops up” employment earnings to the employee’s pre-disability level during the rehabilitation period.
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselling – this helps the employee find alternate employment opportunities through career counselling, vocational testing, job search assistance, and resume, letter writing, and interview skills.

Other rehabilitation services can help to:

  • Clarify a person’s physical, mental, and cognitive restrictions and limitations.
  • Set up physical therapy programs.
  • Access psychological counselling and other support services.
  • Locate support services for plan members living with chronic pain, brain injuries, mental health, and cognitive impairments.
  • Work with the medical care team to ensure the medical information is adequate for claim management and/or a successful return to work.

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