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Right and on time

Aug 22, 2018

3sHealth administers the provincial payroll system for health-care providers in Saskatchewan. And in 2017-18, the system paid out more than $2.5 billion in compensation to approximately 47,000 health employees across 41 organizations. 3sHealth works with employer organizations to ensure pay is accurate and on time.

The availability and performance of the payroll system is essential to paying employees correctly and promptly. In 2017-18, 3sHealth implemented various system enhancements to the provincial payroll system to ensure its ongoing effective operation. For example, the system is continually updated to archive historic records, optimize database performance, and improve integration with other systems.

To support the amalgamation of 12 regional health authorities into one new entity (the Saskatchewan Health Authority), 3sHealth payroll staff worked closely with health authority representatives in 2017-18 to standardize payroll processing.

In 2017-18, 3sHealth implemented a number of improvements to help our health system partners. The organization began issuing electronic T4 statements (56,628 in total) to the employee self-service portal known as Gateway Online. Electronic T4s are more secure than paper copies, and by having them online, employees can access this vital information sooner for tax preparation purposes. 3sHealth also laid the foundation for a major upgrade to the scheduling system, which went live in the spring of 2018.

3sHealth administers various systems that staff schedulers in the Saskatchewan Health Authority use to fill shifts of more than 18,000 health employees. 3sHealth’s goal is to ensure the right provider is working at the right time and in the right place to enable excellent patient care.

Please peruse our latest annual report for more information.


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