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The 2023 claims freeze is over

Jan 30, 2023

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

The 2023 benefits claims freeze is over. Plan members can once again submit claims online and use their drug card for prescriptions.

The annual measure period is complete – Canada Life is now processing claims

Every year, 3sHealth conducts an annual measure to determine which Saskatchewan health-care employees are and are not eligible for employee benefits. The annual measure runs during the first three weeks of January each year.

An employee must work a minimum of 780 hours in the preceding calendar year – in this case, 2022 – in order to qualify for benefits.

This year, 3sHealth measured 23,725 part-time, temporary, and casual health-care employees. These employees either gained, lost, or maintained their benefit coverage based on the number of hours worked in 2022.

Getting back to standard processing times

Canada Life is now working to get the backlog of 2023 claims paid. Their goal is to get to their standard claims processing time by Feb. 14, 2023. Their standard processing time is seven calendar days.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or the benefits available to you through the extended health care or dental plans, please contact a 3sHealth Benefit Services Officer by telephone 1.866.278.2301 or by email

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