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AIMS project launching this October

Sep 28, 2018

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Starting October 1, 2018, health organizations across the province will begin a project to implement a new and integrated administrative information management system throughout the health sector.

One new administrative information management system will replace 82 existing, non-integrated systems and allow the health system to better manage financial, capital, and human resources. This will benefit all health organizations in the province.

In late July, the project team – composed of leaders and stakeholders from the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Saskatchewan Health Authority, eHealth, SAHO, 3sHealth, and affiliate organizations – began recruiting for a number of vacant roles on the project. These roles were posted online as expressions of interest. Approximately 40 vacancies were advertised to health system employees of the partner organizations.

Today, the initial project team has been put in place.

“This is an exciting time, both for the team and the health system as a whole,” said project sponsor Kendell Arndt. “We have great people on board and we’re excited to get things going. We’ve done a lot of preparation already, and I think we’re in really good shape heading into week one.”

Week one will include the orientation and onboarding of the team. The work is expected to rapidly evolve in the coming weeks and months.

Offices have been secured in both Saskatoon and Regina, and arrangements to get these facilities ready for day one are in full swing. Approximately 20 project team members from the health system will be working out of each location. Implementation partner Deloitte will also have resources available and on site for the duration of the project.

“We want to be very deliberate and very intentional about these efforts,” said JoAnn Collum, Program Director. “These are mission-critical components of the project and are vital to its success.”

To come together as a team and begin the work, a two-day kick-off event will be held October 2 and 3 in Regina.

“It’s going to be great to have the full team participate and for everyone to connect in-person,” said Collum. “Together we can identify major tasks and establish some key processes that will be essential to moving the work forward.”

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