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Dictation and Transcription

Dictation and Transcription technical support available 24 hours: 1.888.316.7446 or

For immediate help with password resets, setting up the Mobile App, forgotten dictation IDs, other technical support. 

Register for self-edit virtual training today

If you are interested in using self-edit software, please email your request to Please include your name, work phone number, email address, facility, department, training location/asset, and any questions or comments you may have.


Self-edit dictation software

The flow of information with the patient along their health-care journey is critical to excellent care. Without information flowing to the right providers at the right time, patient care can be delayed or repeated unnecessarily.

Physicians and clinicians can now use self-edit dictation software to dictate and edit patient-care reports in one real-time step. This service means that reports are now available to other care providers in much less time. Other benefits include:

  • Instant transcription of what a clinician says directly into the patients’ electronic medical record;
  • Voice, accent, and speech pattern recognition for greater accuracy;
  • Personal profiles that move with clinicians from site to site; and
  • The ability to dictate notes while with or right after a patient visit.

Transcription services

Professional medical transcriptionists across the province work every day to ensure accurate patient care report information is flowing between providers in a timely fashion so that patients continue to receive high-quality care.

This team strives to transcribe and distribute clinician-dictated reports within 24 hours. Faster, more accurate reports help clinicians make better care decisions for their patients.

Do you have any questions? Please email us at

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