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Payroll and Scheduling

Right place, right time, right pay.

3sHealth supports the Saskatchewan health system and its employees by administering various applications related to payroll and scheduling.


3sHealth provides payroll processing services for over 53,000 employees in the Saskatchewan health system. This department supports Gateway Online as well as the Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS) and Batch (AS/400) systems.


3sHealth coordinates an electronic staff scheduling system that is in use across the Saskatchewan health-care system. This system helps schedule the right person for the right shift to ensure that patients receive optimal health care.

The team uses its scheduling system to reduce errors, minimize overtime, and ensure fairness in the scheduling process for all employees. The team’s work also helps employers ensure that their daily scheduling practices comply with the many complex collective agreements.

For further information regarding personal payroll and scheduling questions, please get in touch with your employer’s payroll and scheduling department.

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