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Getting started and the AIMS Imagine Phase

Oct 20, 2018

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The Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) project creates one cohesive provincial system for better financial, capital and human resource management. Achieving this goal will require the efforts of those who know processes and procedures related to current practices. Participants from across the province will be asked to share their experiences, and also envision a future state that will provide the necessary tools to create a better experience for employers, employees, patients, clients, residents and families.

The imagine phase has two central objectives involving communication and consultation with those who are best positioned to inform the future direction of the project.

Engage and create awareness

The AIMS project team will be engaging employee participants in discussions to capture the details of the present state, as well as define future objectives and benefits.

Diverse representation from across the provincial health system will be sought for individuals to share their experiences and become involved in the project journey.

Consult and refine the plan

Team members have been named to the project and are tasked with identifying subject matter experts from across the province to participate in workshops.

Workshops will be conducted for the major project scope areas including HR, Finance and Supply Chain.

Workshop participants will be invited to share their perspectives on needs, practices and future standards.

Input gained will inform decision-making related to future state practices and processes and how new technology can enable the desired future state.

Achieving these objectives will serve to establish a clear vision and foundation for the AIMS project.

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