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Making the most of your EFAP

Jul 14, 2021

Make the most of your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services. 

Your EFAP offers a wide range of confidential and voluntary support services to assist eligible plan members and their families with resolving everything from immediate crisis needs to everyday challenges at no cost. 

Employees of 3sHealth-participating employers and their dependent family members have access to a variety of professional support resources and tools under their EFAP. 

Do you belong to a 3sHealth-administered EFAP? If so, plan members can access professional counselling services by: 

  • Calling the LifeWorks Care Access Centre toll-free at 1.844.336.3136 anytime;
  • Visiting or logging in to your organization’s LifeWorks Platform; or
  • Downloading the current MyEAP app or by downloading the LifeWorks app.

Helpful tip! Using your EFAP services can qualify you to enter 3sHealth’s Self-care Is the Way There contest for plan members detailed in this newsletter.

Make sure to check if your employer participates in the 3sHealth EFAP or if your organization has its own program. 

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