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Pediatric patients will benefit from new peritoneal dialysis equipment

Dec 13, 2018

Categories: Contracting, News


By working together, the Saskatchewan health system has secured a new kind of peritoneal dialysis treatment that is better for pediatric patients.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a dialysis procedure performed to correct an imbalance of fluid or electrolytes in the blood. It is also used to remove toxins, drugs, or other wastes normally excreted by the kidney.

In 2017, the Saskatchewan health system participated in a pan-Canadian agreement for PD devices. At the time, Saskatchewan chose one vendor for all PD patients. However, with technology constantly improving and the number of pediatric dialysis programs rising each year, the nephrology community here identified an opportunity to improve.

This year, the health system negotiated an amendment to the original contract. The amendment allows the province to procure another kind of PD device that is specially designed for children.

A team of invested medical personnel from the peritoneal dialysis community worked with provincial contract specialists to bring about this change within the pediatric nephrology service.

“By reaching this deal, we have ensured standardization of PD devices in the pediatric population,” said Colin Karst, Director of Provincial Contracting at 3sHealth. “And we know that standardization comes with all kinds of benefits, including consistent training and an improved patient experience.

“I want to acknowledge the commitment and engagement of both clinical and non-clinical experts for getting us to this point,” Karst added. “Everyone really came together on this and focused purely on the needs of pediatric patients. This is an example of what we can achieve when we work together as a single integrated health system.”

The new pediatric PD equipment will be available in January 2019.

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