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Plan members are now covered for continuous blood glucose monitors

Dec 13, 2018

Categories: Employee Benefits, News


Effective January 1, 2019, continuous blood glucose monitors are accessible under the benefit plan along with the previously added blood glucose monitors and flash glucose monitors.

Continuous blood glucose monitors feature a sensor worn directly on the skin. Glucose levels are then read through the body’s tissues, and transmitted to a small device. The data is then transmitted to a monitor on a continuous basis.

When glucose levels are outside the norm, whether too high or too low, the wearer is immediately notified. This gives users the ability to make adjustments (either through nutrition or medication) to get back on track, while avoiding any potential harm in the process.

For Greg Koch, whose spouse is a plan member, these new devices promise to make a world of difference in terms of how he manages his diabetes.

“I have gone from poking my fingers to the flash glucose remote sensing device,” said Koch. “But now I’m really looking forward to getting a continuous monitoring system. I think it will be such a major improvement for me by alleviating any worry and stress that I have when my levels get too low, especially while sleeping.”

For each insured plan member, the cost of monitoring devices will be covered by the plan once every four years up to $2,000 per insured plan member (as a lifetime maximum). The cost of transmitters and sensors will be covered as diabetic supplies with no maximums.

3sHealth is very pleased to offer this benefit plan enhancement to the caregivers of Saskatchewan and their eligible dependents. The Board of Trustees approved this enhancement to the Extended Health Care and Enhanced Dental Plan in 2018.

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