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Self-edit dictation results in more detailed patient reports and streamlined clinician work

Oct 08, 2019

The use of self-edit dictation software for clinicians at Regina’s Gardens Community Health Centre is receiving praise for how it has led to more detailed patient reports and more efficient dictation practices.

The Gardens Community Health Centre, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), and 3sHealth worked together on a pilot program to introduce Fluency Direct, a program that instantly transcribes what a clinician says directly into their patients’ electronic medical record. As a clinician dictates, Fluency Direct learns their voice, accent, and speech patterns to transcribe with even greater accuracy. Every clinician has their own profile that can move with them to different health-care sites.

The program allows clinicians to dictate their notes within the allotted appointment time after a patient visit, making information more readily available as it moves with the patient along their health-care journey. This is an important contribution to team-based community health care.

Data collected at the centre shows great improvements for patients and families since implementation. For example, a Gardens pharmacist has been able to reduce the average time between seeing a patient and completing their documentation from almost three hours to 45 minutes – a 74 per cent reduction.

In addition to a quicker completion time, the reports produced are of a higher quality than before.
“Self-edit dictation has enabled me to produce more extensive and better quality notes for each patient’s visit, resulting in all-around better documentation to support our collaborative care practice,” says Dr. Winston Lok, a physician at Gardens Community Health Centre.
“When we had a power outage at the clinic, I didn’t realize how much I missed my mic and the dictation system until I had to go back to simply typing patient notes on a laptop. Self-edit dictation has really streamlined some of my work.”
Dodi Novak, the SHA’s site lead at Gardens, says “the success we saw with the rollout of self-edit dictation at Gardens bodes well for the health-care system. This implementation was a great example of how health system partners can work together to improve the lives of clinicians and their patients.”
The Gardens Community Health Centre is a health-care site that was developed under the provincial government’s Connected Care Strategy, which aims to strengthen team-based community health care for patients who may be best served in a home or community setting.

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