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The many benefits of physiotherapy for plan members

Nov 17, 2020

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

Regaining strength, increasing mobility, and reducing pain levels after an injury or surgery is a challenging process, but you don’t have go through it alone. The Employee Benefit Plans provide you with up to $400 dollars of physiotherapy/occupational therapy coverage per person per calendar year.

Why go for physiotherapy? Because an injury or surgery can lead to lifestyle changes that affect your strength and mobility. For example, prescribed bed rest or changes to your daily routine after a surgery or injury can lead to deconditioning, where the body loses the capability it once had. Regaining strength is also crucial to preventing injury in the future.

Physiotherapists are experts in bridging this physical gap for every patient’s specific situation. They provide education, support, knowledge, and guidance to ensure patients regain lost physical abilities.

You do not have to wait for an injury or surgery to see a physiotherapist. If you have a lingering physical issue that affects your daily life, such as back pain, make the most of your benefits plan by seeing a physiotherapist. They will identify the exercises you need to do and the lifestyle changes you need to make to feel better. For example, physiotherapists can teach proper lifting technique to help you in your daily home and work tasks. 

Do you have questions about how your plan can help you with your current stage in life? Contact your 3sHealth Employee Benefits team to maximize the benefits available to you.

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