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Wellness series part three: Approaches for people leaders

Dec 14, 2021

Categories: Employee Benefits, News

Welcome to part three of our December wellness series. 3sHealth will be highlighting resources available to you from Canada Life’s Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website. This website provides tools and resources for workplace mental health and psychological safety.   

The best part of Workplace Strategies for Mental Health? It’s credible, evidence-based, free, and available to everyone compliments of Canada Life. Share this wellness series widely with your coworkers, friends, and family! 

Did you catch the first and second parts of the series? If not, make sure to check out part one and part two.

Approaches for people leaders

Study up on effective approaches to developing leadership skills, team building, and supporting employee success.

Employees at any stage of their career will find many useful and interesting topics, including: 

  • Conflict response for leaders;
  • Helping employees to manage change; and 
  • Team building activities.

Access the entire “Approaches for people leaders” page of Workplace Strategies for Mental Health here.

LifeSpeak – your digital wellness platform

Employees of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (Access the SHA LifeSpeak platform here), 3sHealth, eHealth Saskatchewan, SAHO Inc., and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency have access to LifeSpeak, the premier mental health and wellbeing platform which offers instant access to expert advice on all kinds of topics that matter to you. On the platform, employees have access to 864 videos on various themes such as “Building an inclusive workplace,” “Resilience strategies: Building an optimistic mindset,” and “Giving effective feedback as a leader.”

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