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Understanding your dental coverage

Jul 29, 2022

It’s important to be prepared for a dental visit, especially when the dental procedure is going to be more than $500.

The “3sHealth Maximum Reimbursement Schedule” is a full list of all dental procedure codes, fees, and reimbursement percentages that are eligible for coverage. The schedule is updated each year in January, in accordance with the “Saskatchewan Dental Association Fee Guide,” and can be found by clicking here

Canada Life will not pay expenses for procedures not in the schedule nor for charges in excess of the schedule’s specific limitations and maximum amounts. Payment for claims reimbursement, including co-ordination of benefits, will not exceed the fee amounts in the schedule.

If you have questions about your benefit plan, call 3sHealth at 1.866.278.2301 or email

What your dentist office wants you to know

Your dental office has limited access to information held by your insurer and may not know the details of your dental plan maximums and limitations. This means you are responsible for providing your dentist with the details of your dental estimate or claim from Canada Life. Your dentist can call Canada Life to check plan maximums and limitations, however, due to privacy legislation, Canada Life cannot confirm if you or your family have met dental limitations.

Did you know your dental estimate details can be found on the Canada Life app?

If the cost of your upcoming dental procedure is going to be more than $500, 3sHealth encourages you to work with your dentist to send an estimate to Canada Life prior to starting the dental work. It is important to know what coverage you have and what expenses will be out-of-pocket before treatment begins. 

Once Canada Life reviews your dental estimate, you will receive the details in the mail. These details are also available on Canada Life’s “My Canada Life at Work” online tool. Logging into the Canada Life app on your smartphone is another easy way to share your dental estimate results with your provider. It is important to share your dental estimate results with your dental office before you proceed with the dental procedure to discuss what costs your plan will cover and what cost you may be responsible for.

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