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Employee Benefit Plans

The Employee Benefit Plans Promise

Plan members rely on their benefit plans throughout the year to maintain their health and during some of the most challenging times of their lives, including disability and the loss of a loved one. The following is our promise to you, the beneficiary of the benefit plan trusts.


We commit to doing the right thing and following through on our promise

I will be accountable for my actions

I will be open and forthright

I will be clear, concise, consistent, and focus on what I can do


We find the right answer and stay with the person until they feel taken care of

I will understand the person might not know what questions to ask

I will actively listen and ask clarifying questions to ensure I understand

I will provide the information they need to understand and make their choice


We find the right solution

I will utilize the right resources to find the answer

I will be flexible and creative where I can

I will seek to understand and share "the why"; I will be curious


We follow due process to deliver reliable services

I will gain the knowledge I need to share information freely with others

I will properly apply the plan text, commentaries, policies, and administrative guidelines

I will perform each task with care and attention


We will treat everyone with dignity and respect

I will recognize that I don’t know what is happening in the person’s life today; I will give grace

I will be aware of my tone and how I present information

I will acknowledge the person’s feelings